Alex Jaramillo torres, PhD

I am a veterinarian with a doctoral degree in Biological Sciences from Plymouth University (UK). My research interest focuses on current nutritional and farming challenges in aquaculture. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in The Nutrition and health of domestic animals group at the Department of Basic Sciences and Aquatic Medicine at NMBU under the supervision of Professor Åshild Krogdahl. I am involved in different research projects that investigate the intestinal health and host-microbe interaction in fish using different techniques such as metabolomics, gene expression profiling and 16S amplicon sequencing, coupled with computational tools to integrate different biological data, to understand interactions between diet, the microbiota and host health. I visited the  Gomez Lab during the summer of 2019 to improve my skills in data mining and collaborate on a project aiming to integrate datasets from different methodologies to understand interactions between the farming environment and gut health in fish.